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Aff.No: 1730324

15th January 2021:

Reopening of School Premises


St. Matthew’s Mission School, Udaipur

15th January 2021

Dear Parents,

As per Government of Rajasthan order dated 07.01.2021, for regular classes to be held in school from 18th January 2021 for students of classes IX and X, interested parents may kindly send the consent from on or before 18th January 2021. Classes will be conducted on Section-wise Basis and students will come to school every alternate days.

1. Before sending the students to school, Parents will make sure that their child is not suffering from cold/fever/cough or any other health issue.

2. Students have to come on their own.

3. Students have to follow all the Covid-19 related precautionary protocols (Social Distancing, Mask, Sanitizing etc).

4. Students have to come in proper school uniform, wear face mask, carry own water bottle and lunch box and will not share anything with the classmates.

5. Students will sit on the allotted seat in one classroom and not change the seating unless asked to do so.

6. Online classes will continue and students have compulsorily attend the same on alternate days as per the timetable.

7. Tentative School Timings- 09:00 AM to 12:45 PM.



The Principal

St. Matthew’s Mission School

Udaipur (Rajasthan)

Dear Sir,

I _______________________________________________________ (Parent Name) mother/father of________________________________(Student Name) student of St. Matthew’s Mission School studying in std. : ______ section: __________ hereby give my consent for my ward to attend the physical classes conducted in the school campus. I ensure that I and my ward will follow all the COVID–19 protocols and guidelines issued by Government of India, Health Ministry and St. Matthew’s Mission School.

Thanking You

Yours Truly

Signature: ___________________________

Name: _____________________________

Date: ______________________________